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1. Location:  The east side of our village meets Sioushuei Township , north connected with Lugang township, west to the Taiwan Straits, south meets Puyan township, Mai Cuo Si separates Fangyuan and our townTownship from southwest, the topography is smooth.

2. Area: The general area is 51.765 square kilometers, in the page organize altogether are up to 22 villages 254 neighbours 9,749 households.

3. Population: By the end of year 1999, the total populations are 48,053 people, the population density is approximately 928 person of/square kilometers, the birth rate is approximately 15.8/1000, the mortality rate is approximately 5.7/1000, people who aged over 65 are approximately 7.95/1000.

4. Educational Background: In our village we have 1 Middle School, 7 elementary schools, 2 public preschools, 16 public community nurseries, 4 privately established preschools.

5. Medical resources: We have 4 Western medicine clinics, 4 Chinese medicine clinics, 2 dental clinics, 6 pharmacies, 8 Chinese herb pharmacies, China and the West medicine factory of two, and 1 medical supplies manufacturer.

6. Economic: Because we are situated at crest of wind and the end of water , the inhabitants are mostly working by farming and animal husbandry, and catch fish for living.

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